Hands up if you’ve ever been ghosted. And no, I’m not talking about the type when your Tinder date doesn’t reply anymore. Have you ever had a potential client who seemed like an absolute yes but you just never heard from them again? If you’re not sure why it happened, today’s episode is 100% for you!

In This Episode:

    • Why are they ghosting you
    • Prevention tips
    • Onboarding process
    • Follow-up stages
    • Communication

“Honestly, ghosting is just when somebody disappears on you and you can’t figure it out why, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Prevention is better than cure, right? At least this is what doctors keep telling me. ”

“You’re opening that commitment with them and you’re giving them that channel.”

“If they have that really positive experience first off, they feel like they’ve made the right decision.”

“The third and final email is the one that nobody really wants to send.”

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