Sometimes we all need a good eye opener, I know I definitely do, so this week I’ve brought you an absolute boss lady, Sarah Kaler. She has heaps of wisdom that she’s picked up over the years as an executive coach, a leadership and business consultant and founder of Soul Powered and she’s here to dish those tips out.

In This Episode:

    • Not getting hung up on social media
    • Knowing your strengths
    • Staying in your lane
    • The ‘too busy’ mindset
    • Not following the herd

“You need to know that you need to know the answer, you need to provide it or people won’t trust you, and that’s false.” – Sarah

“People look for relevancy as how accessible am I? Can everybody see me at all times?” – Jess

“You know, I think the ‘I’m too busy’ thing, it has a bit of an epidemic, it is a mindset.” – Sarah

“We see this kind of trajectory of they post more on social media and they become omnipresent almost across every platform.” – Jess

“Look at the Latin root of the word ‘decide’, it’s about cutting off and what’s so cool about that is that when you make a decision, you’re actually letting go of what no longer serves you.” – Sarah

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