Humans are social creatures; and it’s one of the reasons that we love the power of community in the online space. Communities give us places to connect and unite us towards common goals/ beliefs or desires. I’m exploring how community is changing, what kinds of communities you need to be in – and why. So that you can align yourself with the right people and pick up more clients along the way.

In This Episode:

  • How has the community landscape changed – and how are we keeping up?
  • How you can use the power of community to find your next client.
  • Which communities are going to going to help you grow quickest in 2019.
  • The many benefits of being part of a community.
  • What’s more important – platform or purpose?

“That quote, ‘rising tides lift all boats’ makes me happy. That’s the kind of person I am.”

“Something has been diluted in the entrepreneur space.”

“This idea of community, it’s still really powerful and people want to revamp it.”

“Community is not about trying to figure out what the next hot platform is.”

“I get to learn from people who have done way more stuff than me, which is incredibly exciting.”

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