Marketing funnel or marketing path? Which term do you prefer? Either way, Michelle Evans is an expert on the topic. From creating strong business foundations, solid market research and solving real customer problems we discuss how you too can create a successful business.

Plus in the 7 years since leaving her corporate role Michelle shares many self-proclaimed ‘learning moments’ on her journey to success, including financially significant business investments which didn’t deliver results.  

In This Episode:

    • Why Facebook ads can cause confusion
    • Finding the strongest marketing strategy and path for your business
    • The two things you need to make money
    • Learning from ‘painful’ business investments

“Do you have a marketing funnel? Because if you don’t, you might as well just open up your wallet and set it on fire.” – Michelle

“The market has been saturated with people, who perhaps didn’t give as much as they promised.” – Jess

“You don’t need to be the sleaze ball standing on the beach in front of a mansion with a Lamborghini.” – Jess

“Market research is your friend” – Jess

“A marketing funnel can work right from the beginning regardless of how big it is.” – Jess

“I always take a step back and I say, okay, what can I learn from this?” – Michelle

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