If you have any awkwardness around setting your prices, sticking to your prices or telling anybody what they are then this episode is for you. I’m going to share how you can be super confident in the value that you add, price according to the transformation that you provide and learn how to objectively listen to pricing feedback.  

Plus, I’m sharing how you can confidently maintain your integrity when your early bird closes and someone asks for that price, even though it’s expired.

In This Episode:

    • Being comfortable with your pricing
    • Establishing the value you add
    • Investment equals commitment
    • Listening to feedback objectively
    • Letting go of clients who aren’t for you

“The person who is selling the solution has spent an awful lot of time, energy, money, mastering the craft.”

“As I’m always saying to you guys, when you invest, you implement.”

“Your ideal clients will always be able to pay you.”

“What we start thinking about is ‘oh my goodness, my audience must hate me’.

“If they’re going to be a pain in the backside to enrol, they will be a pain in the backside throughout the whole process.”

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