Ever wanted to give someone some constructive feedback, but don’t know how?  This episode shares how you you can ensure your feedback isn’t simply unsolicited advice and some techniques for delivering constructive criticism without hurting the recipient and it feeling like a dig.

In This Episode:

    • Identifying the benefits of feedback
    • How to deliver constructive criticism
    • Knowing when to drop the subject
    • Phrasing is (almost) everything
    • Giving a bit of warning in advance

“I’ve seen this quote around quite a lot recently ‘women need to build each other up, not tear each down’.”

“It can be really empowering to give somebody the right feedback.”

“How do you deliver it without them feeling like you are digging at them personally?”

“I don’t believe in giving unsolicited advice, I think mainly because I don’t want to waste my breath.”

“Giving feedback, especially when it’s constructive, is always going to be tough.”

“The initial message might sting but actually, they’re trying to do their best.”

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