Today’s guest is a ‘big loud mouth’ in the wedding industry and she’s definitely not afraid of speaking her mind. Aleisha McCormack is the wise sister you’ve always wanted, giving you advice and spreading positivity through her podcast and brand, Bridechilla, helping you ditch Wedstress and plan the wedding you want. Aleisha has a rather special method for handling pressure and believe me, you want to hear the hilarious way to free yourself. She doesn’t hold back, but what else would you expect from the first woman to drop the F bomb on stage, right?

We talk the truth about the world of wedding planning, the highs and lows, even the ugly bits! Everybody has a wedding story, whether that’s about a bridezilla or a challenging family so grab a cocktail if you can and we can dive right in! And in the process learn how Aleisha has created a bold brand, made business decisions that are aligned and are inimitably Aleisha.

In This Episode:

  • Lack of diversity in the wedding industry
  • Learning to find your voice
  • Freeing yourself
  • Producing content that makes others think
  • Really shaping your content into what the audience needs

“I really just talk as if I’m talking to my mates, I am not afraid to say what I think.” – Aleisha

“Diversity isn’t just race or gender. It’s ideas, opinions, independent thought.” – Jess

“It’s so boring to make everyone look the same to say everyone has to follow the same tradition.” – Aleisha

“I feel like 2018 was a big ‘oh, wow, everyone is selling the same thing’.” – Jess

“When you break down what I do, removing weddings from it, it’s about empowerment.” – Aleisha

“We’ve trained a generation of what could have been thought leaders out of thought leadership.” – Jess

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