I’ve finally hired the coach of my dreams and I’ve already taken some hard truths about showcasing my credibility and authority. I’m not going to lie, I’ve already had some really ‘ouch’ moments. Sometimes we all need our eyes opened and if you need to become less ‘cookie cutter’ then I have a treat for you today (and I don’t just mean my awesome Modern Family references). Let’s say goodbye to dumbing down and focus on highlighting how we are the right person to help our audience.

In This Episode:

    • Not ‘dumbing’ yourself down for others’ sake
    • Showing your credibility
    • Showcasing what you’re really good at
    • Credibility equals the possibility to charge more
    • Taking your audience on a journey

“It was uncomfortable to be smart and I’d say things in meetings that would make other people feel uncomfortable.”

“I started making this list of everything that gives me more credibility than perhaps other people who do what I do.”

“This idea that you should hide and not share your credibility is criminal.”

“They compete based on their quality as opposed to competing on price.”

“Who am I not to share the amazing things that I’m capable of?”

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