Do you also find it hard to get back into business mode after taking some well-deserved time off? I, for one, definitely struggle with finding my way back into ‘the zone’ sometimes, even though I absolutely love what I do. Do any of you feel like this too? Don’t worry if you do, I’ve got you!

Discover my top tips and tricks on how to be massively productive, and become a real pro at time management. Let’s get you focused and look at how to make big things happen even if you are making the smallest changes!

In This Episode:

    • Managing your time cleverly
    • Getting into productive mode
    • Prioritising your activities
    • Being realistic about how long things actually take
    • ‘Picking three’

“If it’s not in my calendar, it’s not happening.”

“I used to think I was the sole person who could just wing it.“

“For so long, I used to use deadlines as a target, not a limit.”

“We’re paying the dog and barking ourselves.”

“When I looked at how much less stress I would have, it suddenly became valuable to me.”

“It’s about scheduling it so that it doesn’t dominate the whole day.”

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