You’re getting a double dose of Jess today and let’s be honest, what more could you want? Does anyone feel like finding a person who’s not all about internet marketing is getting harder and harder? If you do, you’ll be happy to hear that Jessica Dante is joining me for this episode!

Jess is not only a breath of fresh air, she also has an incredible YouTube channel all about being a tourist in London and it’s all you could ever need to plan a weekend in the city. So get ready to hear about her learning curve and adventures as an innovative person in the industry, she has some great stories to share with you!

In This Episode:

    • The importance of having a niche
    • How the audience dictates
    • Patience, tenacity and determination
    • Testing and adjusting
    • High barrier to entry

“It’s hard to have a sustainable business if you have to go and travel all the time to be able to make content.” – Jess Dante

“You don’t know where your business is ever really going to go until you start moving on it.” – Jess Lorimer

“This is the place that I’m most knowledgeable about and I can actually speak as an expert.” – Jess Dante

“One of the things that I’m always talking about is don’t build your house on other people’s foundations.” – Jess Lorimer

“The majority of the time it’s not driven by what I want to do, it’s all about ‘what does my audience want from me’?” – Jess Dante

“There’s a lot of complacency when it comes to building a business.” – Jess Lorimer

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