Such an exciting day because I’m taking you behind the scenes at Smart Leaders Sell and we’re going to have an honest chat about where we are right now. Because that’s what we do here, don’t we? We’re having honest conversations about our businesses and I have some news to share with you.

I’ve been hinting at some new things coming up for a while, but I promise you, they’re all good changes. Join me on this episode to find out what they are!

In This Episode:

    • Staying transparent
    • The big Smart Leaders Sell podcast news
    • Catering to the right audience
    • Exciting launches
  • Giving yourself clarity

“For me it feels like we’re sat here having a cup of tea every week, and I didn’t want to lose that.”

“It’s really cool to have interesting conversations with interesting people who inspire and motivate us to do better, to play bigger, to be more us in our businesses.”

“What I want to promote is that feeling of achievement.”

“You encourage those people to step into that laser beam with you.”

“I want it to give people achievable goals that make them feel inspired and motivated like any level.“

“It was like walking through fog, I wanted somebody to hand me the answers.”

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