Who would’ve thought, but a lunch date with a former client really made me reflect on what helps me succeed as an entrepreneur. Are you usually the type to jump into things head first or are you somebody who likes to ease into them? I’m definitely the latter and trust me, this transitional phase at Smart Leaders Sell HQ taught me that taking your time can be so worth it!

I finally feel like I’ve really nailed the message I want to get out there and I’m about to share what I think is the main contributor to the success of my business. Are you ready to hear the big ‘secret’?

In This Episode:

    • Learning to adjust and be flexible
    • Becoming less dismissive
    • Taking action to make ideas happen
    • Keeping your focus in the right place
    • Knowing when less is more

“When we talk about success, it’s not about how many projects can you start.”

”Instead of looking at things as being failures or not being worth bothering anymore, still thinking, well, how could I actually leverage that?”

“It’s really easy as an entrepreneur to be a starter.”

“They’re looking for the hot new thing, the Miracle Cure, the magic pill.”

“Ideas without action are nothing.”

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