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I think we can all agree on that we’re living in an era of personal brand businesses, right? So it should come as no surprise that this idea of ‘future proofing’ has become super important to us. We need to be a lot more in charge of our own professional development which can be annoying, but it’s also pretty liberating if you look at it that way.

Today’s guest is someone I genuinely see as a real thought leader and I could probably spend a whole podcast episode just listing all the amazing things she’s done. I’m talking about the lovely Dorie Clark, of course. Dorie’s written for prestigious platforms like the Harvard Business Review and Forbes, published books, and if that isn’t awesome enough already, she’s been on numerous TedX stages too. Time to get your pen and notepad because she’s ready to drop some amazing advice (and maybe some f bombs too, oops!).

In This Episode:

    • Today’s ‘gig economy’
    • The ‘overnight success’ myth
    • Creating multiple income streams
    • Not letting yourself be sidelined by others
    • Securing your ideas and skills for a successful future

“They find themselves stagnating on a given stairstep and they’re like, WTF, why am I not advancing?” – Dorie

“If you’re doing something as usual all of the time, you’re not growing and therefore you’re becoming stagnant.” – Jess

“The people who have the time to criticise you, to criticise a stranger, are the people who are not doing things themselves.” – Dorie

“If you don’t want to do the work, that’s cool, but I’m over here and I’m in my lane and I’m doing my thing.” – Jess

“Frankly, it is a sign of success if people start trolling you.” – Dorie

“We kind of extrapolate to the nth degree about what might happen if we share something that we feel is revolutionary.” – Jess

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