It might be April Fool’s day and you might see me do a few pranks later but let’s not get too distracted, it’s time to look at how Q1 went for you and what the next steps are as we enter the next quarter! I bet you would much rather avoid a mad rush and panic to get things done because you’ve been waiting too long!

You have to ask yourself all the important questions regarding your revenue, investments, branding and visibility and really go through a few scenarios in your head. Don’t worry, we look at the steps of a good review on today’s episode and you’ll be ready to smash Q2 in no time!

In This Episode:

  • My new programme, EVOLVE
  • Creating clear plans
  • Looking at performance in an objective way  
  • Three key areas to assess at the end of a quarter
  • Not spreading yourself too thinly

“I’m still not really a Twitter fan, 180 characters or whatever to express my innermost thoughts, not happening. I’m just not that kind of person.”

“This is your chance to kind of look at things and go, am I happy?”

“I see this a lot and I’ve been very guilty of this in the past. I’ve bought courses and I’ve just not done them, not completed them.”

“Start looking at reassessing those goals that you might have for the rest of the year, putting them into perspective.“

“Look at your revenue and look at where it actually is and what that is actually doing for you.”

Join my new programme, EVOLVE:

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