Truth be told, I’m super excited to be interviewing one of the coolest couples on the Internet – all I needed was a year and a ‘secret weapon’. Just to be clear, no real weapons were involved, only a good mutual friend but I’m finally joined by Shane & Jocelyn Sams from Flipped Lifestyle!

They’ve created this amazing membership community with an incredible yearly event, a fantastic podcast, and they make it all look so easy! Maybe that’s what comes with being natural teachers who like explaining things? We go behind the scenes and dive deep into what it really means to build an online business, the hurdles, the tough decisions, everything. They both share some amazing stories, today’s episode really is a good one!

In This Episode:

    • Highs and lows of running a business as a couple
    • Dealing with increasing expectations
    • The truth about dreaming big
    • How to diversify your portfolio of offerings
    • Putting numbers into perspective

“I think the fear of success comes from the fear of change.” – Shane

“In the online space we get caught up in feeling like we have to show everybody that everything is fine all the time. “ – Jess

“What I have trouble wrapping my head around is, okay, well where do we go from here?” – Jocelyn

“One of the biggest reasons that people give for not selling as often as they probably could is that they fear the success that is going to come with it.” – Jess

“We compare our worst moments to everybody else’s highlight reels. “ – Shane

“I had to have some really hard conversations with some of my friends and some of my family about what my business was doing and who I was becoming. “ – Jess

The Dotties

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