I so enjoyed recording this with the amazingly motivational and caring Chris Winfield all the way from New York. Chris is a super connector and creator of The Unfair Advantage.

As a self confessed introvert I think we can all relate to seeing that person who always gets the visibility even though perhaps they aren’t quite the ‘right’ person but they are always out there.

This episode with Chris gives us the foundation to change our mindset and start talking and sharing the talents we have helping us to connect with the media, to the press, to influences but more importantly he can connect you to yourself and shows you how to ask for help – ‘if you’re not asking for help you’re being selfish because you’re depriving someone from helping you.’

In This Episode:

    • Networking as an Introvert
    • The power of relationships
    • Connecting your talents
    • Change your mindset
    • The unfair advantage

“I think about four simple letters HOPE – help one person everyday” – Chris

“People are looking for that one short golden nugget that hits them at the right time” – Jess

“I connect people, I help people really connect” – Chris

“The reality is that everyone has their own stuff going on but it’s so easy to think that everyone else is perfect but we are all the same, nobody has it altogether” – Jess

“Our focus is on giving the vast majority of our audience who are introverts the foundation to change their mindset” – Chris

Unfairadvantagelive.com to connect with Chris

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