Today I am interviewing the revolutionary and forward thinking duo Kennedy and Rob. I don’t use that term often but they have, in my opinion revolutionised Email Marketing which is so exciting and definitely worth listening to on today’s podcast.

We are shown how to make surveys more personalised to our clients opinions leading to positive interaction, in turn offering the client a more meaningful course of traffic. Throw in a special 14 day free trial with Kennedy and Rob and we have a wowser of an episode!

In This Episode:

  • Email Marketing
  • Response Rates
  • Simple Surveys and acting on them
  • How to utilise clients opinions
  • Getting the right balance

“But along the way, we started to hear people saying things like email marketing is dead, or email marketing is dying, all this other stuff, and we were like, but it isn’t like it’s still the most effective channel for us to communicate with our audiences” – Kennedy

“And actually, it becomes really difficult to differentiate who knows their stuff and who doesn’t. Because all the content is so similar all of the time” – Jess

“The reason people unsubscribe is because we’re sending too many irrelevant emails, right?”  – Kennedy

“So if you’re spending a lot to acquire them, and you can keep them longer, and you can make sure that you’re monetizing that customer in a way that feels really good for them, you’re going to make more money, and it’s going to cost you less in the long run, which is you know, always a win” – Jess

“It’s really about turning that feedback into further sales, increasing the actual value of every single customer you’ve got”- Rob

Link to free 14 day trial with Kennedy and Rob:

The Dotties

More Jess!

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