The main theme for me during this episode with the world renowned author, podcaster, speaker, business columnist and TV host is that we are all responsible for ourselves and we need to take that responsibility seriously.

We learn with Mike today how to market ourselves, sustain our workloads but, more importantly, learn to write from our souls and be kind to ourselves and those we are writing for.

Mike has a natural ability to simplify complex concepts helping us to understand the things which would normally scare us and teaches us to fall in love with reading books again, showing us that they are a tactile useful tool for expanding our knowledge further.

In This Episode:

  • Authorship Marketing
  • Superhero Syndrome
  • Prioritization
  • Maintaining Sustainability
  • Authoring

“I found that the medium of books is that it’s a powerful communication platform, particularly nowadays with the advancements in audio, that people will put much more validity into what I’m saying and sharing when it’s documented in a book, as opposed to just delivering a speech.“ – Mike

“Is there a good time for an entrepreneur to write a book? Is it that they start out with that as a primary model? Or is this something that people need to be more strategic about?” – Jess

“There’s a statue called a thinker and I want that to be a reminder to us that there is power in pause. There’s power in consuming and contemplating and that’s why I’m such a fan of books.” – Mike

“It’s so important when we talk about doing the right work and focusing on what’s going to serve our audience that we actually give ourselves space to do the right work.” – Jess

“It’s such a strong calling, I believe this will be for the rest of my life. I feel called to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty, this perception that the day you start a business you’re wildly successful, but the reality is the struggle, financial struggle, time struggle, sacrifice, I want to close that gap committed to it.” – Mike

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