It’s so great that Heather can join us again today, she is incredibly insightful on both a personal and business level and gives us the knowledge and confidence to be ourselves in our business, to take ownership for who we are and to own our expertise.

Listen in to understand the difference between making money and actually being a business owner, understand how to create the correct mindset in order to build and sustain a better relationship with your business.

In This Episode:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Influencers
  • Customer Experience
  • Qualifications

“We were really trained to this model of showing up online and introducing people to us. So we would build the know, like and trust factor and be super helpful, and give away all of our best content for free.“ – Heather

“The bit that I don’t love, though, is that you can’t combat a profit problem in your business simply by selling more, you can’t combat an outsourcing issue in your business by selling more, you can’t combat operational problems” – Jess

“You can’t build a business pretending to be somebody else for any length of time, it gets you that initial shot of visibility, but it doesn’t get you anything that lasts.“- Heather

“That person may know the theory behind how to make you feel good every day but, if they haven’t actually trained in it, they’re not qualified to teach it. They’re not qualified to troubleshoot it.” – Jess

“I think what this industry has started to build for us is this idea that it creates reactions out of us and then we get impulsive, and we respond, rather than really looking at what is the business model? What is it that we’re doing? And what is the best way to represent that for the people” – Heather

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