With so much economic uncertainty surrounding us at this present time it is so important to keep doing the things which work and to be consistent with these approaches, we aren’t in the correct climate at the moment for complacency.

Of course we all have to do the selling and the metrics but we need to be consistent that our customers are receiving the experience from you which will keep them feeling valued and wanting to return.

In This Episode:

  • Economic Climate
  • Training your audience
  • Sales Experiences
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Profit Margins

“What I do think is interesting about the concepts of ‘you are’ and ‘what you repeatedly do’ is how that’s being reflected in the major retail markets at the moment.“

“And when you have a good experience from somewhere, it will outweigh a premium price point”

“It’s about consistency, it’s about looking at your lead generation and monitoring your metrics and actively selling every day. But also, it’s about what you’re training your customers to expect, are you training them to expect a good experience, are you

then making sure that you take those lessons and apply them to your own business?”

“Do not get caught out in this economic climate because you really, really don’t need to you can absolutely make it through.”

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