My friendship with today’s guest was built on abandoning the Corporate world and embarking on life as an Entrepreneur. The highly insightful creator of The Bold Leadership Revolution podcast series Tara Newman is here to share some self proclaimed moments since leaving her Corporate role.

Understanding the symptoms and consequences of burnout on a personal level Tara is able to give you inside advice on how to be kind to yourself and prioritise your business to make the balance flow.  

In This Episode:

  • Burnout
  • Productivity Time
  • Priorities and Discipline
  • Communities
  • Obsessive Passion

“I think that I have a unique perspective as somebody who has built their business to heal from burnout, when most business owners are experiencing burnout – that doesn’t even make sense.“ – Tara

“I think there’s a very big difference between balance and it all has to be easy, and it should just all flow and be this really easy process because when you don’t get it, it makes you feel like a failure before you’ve even started.“ – Jess

“You were talking about these toxic power relationships and so some leaders are going to use that isolation to their advantage when they’re selling to you. They will actively prey on the fact that people feel more lonely when they’re entrepreneurs” – Tara

“Because if you can’t conjure that creative spark or if you can’t train yourself into the habit of being able to create or being able to execute a strategy, even when you’re not feeling it, you’re never going to be able to get to where you want to go.” – Jess

“What boundaries can you be putting on your passion for your business so you can be there for the long haul, so you can have the endurance that you need to make an impact as a leader.” – Tara

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