Leaving the Corporate world some years ago and missing some aspects of it led me to thinking “Why, then don’t I sell to Corporate?” So I started occasionally giving training or delivering a keynote and it was so much fun because Corporates are transparent, you go in, do your stuff, get paid and leave – it’s as simple as that.

There is always a ‘but’ though right! You have to have the right strength of mindset, you are dealing with contacts who aren’t personally involved and who just want what is best for the company which, for us Entrepreneurs may be slightly disconcerting as we all like to help people make an impact in their businesses. Selling to a corporate is not necessarily helping or making the same impact so you might not get as much satisfaction. Listen to today’s episode to find out whether you have the time and mindset to dedicate to this new business area.

In This Episode:

  • Value
  • What are your strengths
  • Define your sales styles
  • Negotiating
  • Money

“The great thing about working with a corporate, is their transparency. They’re easy to sell to they pay you good money. and you just get to deliver and leave.”

“You can have these high level conversations with a point of contact, who is looking out for the best for the company, rather than being emotionally or personally attached to the outcome. And that actually makes sales quite easy.”

“What kind of company do I want to sell to and what do I want to sell to them. It sounds really basic, but actually, that is the game changer. Having a niche, having a clear specialism when you’re selling to corporations is so important because they value specialism.”

“Money is necessary, money is integrity, money is oxygen for your business and it doesn’t matter about who you’re working with, you are still making an impact, there is no difference between making an impact for people who can pay you and making an impact for people who can’t.”


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