Crazy or brave? Kate quit her Corporate job, moved across America and joined her husband in his Podcast business having never even heard of a podcast and she is here today to tell us all about her incredible journey and how this husband and wife team have evolved to create the super successful Entrepreneur on Fire.

Transitioning into being an Entrepreneur Kate lends us her wisdom on building a supportive foundation for a business, how to prioritise and make those important decisions and how not to take it all on board and burn out your mental bandwidth.

In This Episode:

  • Transition
  • Understanding
  • Decision Making and Fatigue
  • Transparency
  • Entrepreneurship

“It’s one of the most incredible things ever, because I think that our personal relationship is on a level that it would never have been on had we not joined together in the business.” – Kate

“This idea of having defined roles in your business, do you think it comes from having defined roles in a corporate setting? Is that something you brought into entrepreneurs on fire?“ – Jess

“The one thing that I probably struggled with most in my earliest transition into entrepreneurship, was there not being someone there to tell me what to do and that was really tough so the first step is recognizing the things that you want to improve are the things that you want to change. ” – Kate

“If you don’t have clear boundaries around some of those decisions that you make, you can end up inadvertently creating codependent clients” – Jess

“The only person you should be comparing yourself to is you yesterday, be committed to getting that much better every single day, whether it’s writing, whether it’s at podcasting,whatever that might be, just focus on getting that much better every single day.” – Kate

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