I was super excited to record today’s podcast episode, not only was it Natan’s first introduction to the world of us ‘Poddies’ but also I am no longer a danger to the technical world although don’t quote me 100% on that!

Do you want to create a new online experience for your clients, making them feel as though they are in an actual place with other people rather than on a website but, at the same time use your audience to generate more sales for you? This innovative program can personalise your website making the user experience far more enjoyable whilst maximising those sales conversions at the same time.

In This Episode:

  • Tech Simplicity
  • Website Experiences
  • Support Chats
  • MVP’s
  • Documenting Interactions

“It pushes people to know and trust this website because they’re not alone there. That was part of what we’re trying to create, a better kind of website experience or a better internet experience.” – Natan

“I’ve learned over the years that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to have social skills, you have to be extroverted, to talk to people, you have to want to hear what they have to say.” – Jess

“It’s a psychological kind of thing that humans have, we’re a social animal, we like being with other people, we like doing what other people aren’t doing so why not do it online as well.” – Natan

“In some ways technology has maybe tried to take the place of relationships and having people at the forefront to decipher what somebody’s issue really is and then solve it.” – Jess

“Anyone who signs up on your OPT in page will be displayed to new visitors and automatically will be selling for you. That’s one of our mottos, you know, let your customers sell for you. So it’s an automated kind of word of mouth thing that people tell each other what they just did on the website.“ – Natan

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