What’s the point in racking up all those Instagram or Twitter figures when the reality is that, if you aren’t focusing on the right things for your audience, it’s a waste of time having thousands of them. You need to ask yourself, are all my thousands of followers the same, do they want the same things from me? Of course they aren’t and, no they don’t so it’s time to focus on engaging the right audience and stop counting.

Of course we all need an audience, big or small, but I want to show you how to get the right audience how to reach out and look after them and build the relationships that will inevitably create more sales for you. But, and I’ve spoken about this before, you don’t actually need a huge audience to sell a lot of stuff, you just need the right one.

In This Episode:

  • Regular Pitching
  • Market Research
  • Micro Influencers
  • Clear USP and Sales Skills
  • Launch Process

“Why audience does not equal numbers necessarily, and what you could be doing differently.“

“Are you pitching regularly, are you actually selling things that people want, are you doing your market research, are you selling things that your audience actually struggles with?”

“It’s about actually growing your audience with the right people, and then doing the right market research so that you’re actually converting them regularly because without that, it’s not going to happen.”

“This is why it’s really important to engage and nurture your audience in order to build a relationship with them to continue that trust factor.“

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