Ditch those emails to your co workers, hold fire on the excessive PowerPoints and start engaging with people. Find out what motivates them and yourself in the process and help them make the right career choices for themselves.

Lee claims he is just ‘a bloke from Leeds that found out some helpful stuff’ but we disagree. Honest and practical his no nonsense approach has and is changing the lives of those who meet him. A true motivational and presentation speaker Lee aka the ‘Get Good Guy’ helps people realise and live out their potential.

In This Episode:

  • Motivation
  • Being Yourself
  • Resilience tips
  • Honesty
  • Inspiring

“So we have to be careful in life that we don’t put our faith in something that isn’t actually worthy.“ – Lee

“I think it also comes down to priorities, I think there’s a common theme with entrepreneurs is that we’re prepared to risk quite a lot to achieve a life goal that we want.” – Jess

“When you think, what’s the one or three things that you want your audience to walk away with, it changes the way you plan, it changes the way you deliver and also people people know that you’ve done your homework, you’ve actually made a point to mean something memorable.” – Lee

“People are going to think about how they can be a good speaker but also how they can be a kind speaker and make sure that they’re focusing towards the audience as well as their own goals and gains.“ – Jess

“They have different kinds of listeners and they’re all motivated differently. You going to try and work out what you can do as a speaker to make it clear for them all but we’re not responsible for what other people do with that information and that’s where intrinsic motivation, internal motivation comes into play.“ – Lee

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