Love them or not we all need them to pay the bills but how do you really tell which clients are going to be difficult and turn the whole experience into a scene from The Walking Dead?!

Obviously we all want the perfect clients but that’s just living in a dream… We need to identify those who may be difficult right from the start, set boundaries, tell them exactly what we can and can’t offer, check their history and work out whether we will just be wasting our time and energy or whether the relationship could be something to nurture.

In This Episode:

  • Micro Commitment
  • Warning signs
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Decision Making
  • Setting Boundaries

“How can you identify if somebody is going to be a pain right from the beginning and how can you avoid or change that situation? How can you convert difficult clients and do you actually really want to?“

“People who are transparent people who make quick decisions, who are happy to adapt and change who take action immediately, those are our ideal clients those are the ones that everyone wants, the people who are going to get results.“

“You have to set that boundary, you have to be clear about what that boundary is. Explain very clearly, very firmly, what you’re actually willing to do for them and with them, and don’t be afraid to say no and turn way to look for other opportunities.“

“Look at whether you are taking the action that you could be and if you’re not, change that, create a different habit and you will start to see a different caliber of clients.“

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