I love this episode because I really love finding out from my guests how passionate they are about what they are doing. Building and maintaining a business is just crazy and Mark built his around marketing purely because he read something which resonated with him at a young age.

Using a traditional concept which somehow seems to get lost in the intrusive world of marketing, Mark teaches us to use a human centered approach to converse to our customers and have the respect to listen to what they want.

In This Episode:

  • Values Based Marketing
  • Technology
  • Human Centered Approach
  • Positive Polarization
  • Customer Control

“Marketing is a combination of psychology, sociology, and anthropology and I thought that this is the coolest thing ever, I want to do that. Marketing is all things human and it was so interesting to me and I kind of got hooked.” – Mark

“It’s that kind of thing that marketing has shifted so much and I kind of feel like sometimes the technology that we use has made us so Uber connected, that we’re actually disconnected.” – Jess

“Well, I think there’s a couple of steps that you can take, number one is to look at what you’re doing in your business and examine your marketing and if you’re doing anything that people hate, stop it.“ – Mark

“Don’t do what your customers hate. I think, arguably, there’s a big case of polarization in marketing that’s always a tricky one  because ultimately, in doing the very best marketing we can to get ideal customers, we’re going to turn some people off.“ – Jess

“ I just saw so many people seem to be stuck with where they were in marketing and as I started to get into the research, I realized that the reason they’re stuck is because the world has changed so much and so fast that we don’t even really recognize that this change has taken place.“ – Mark

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Marketing Rebellion by Mark W Schaefer

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