On today’s episode we’re having a pricing revolution! If you’re spending too much of your valuable time worrying about what you should be charging then this episode is definitely for you.

Today is the day you stop asking yourself whether you’re charging enough. Break down the pricing structure and take into consideration the really important things that are involved, quality, expertise, security and transformation.

Work out whether you are part of the responsible pricing crowd or caught up in the pricing myths, if you over price and under deliver or have unknowingly turned yourself into a charity because you just want to help. Learn how to set your prices so that your ideal clients can actually purchase your expertise from you – do not be afraid…

In This Episode:

  • Pricing Myths
  • Confident Pricing
  • Pricing Based on Transformation
  • Captive Audience
  • Revenue Goals

“ Charge based on your experience, on quality, on how good you are at your job.“

“Charging what you’re worth, is not an Instagram mantra to be lived by and that’s what we need to change.”

“You’re not paying somebody for the time that they’re spending

giving you the strategy or whatever, you’re paying them for the expertise that they have gained, the time that they save you, and the transformation that they get you.“

“Are we pricing for our ideal clients or are we pricing for the people that we’d really love to help when we are a financial stable income ourselves?”

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