It’s double the dose on today’s episode, the two Jessica’s are taking over and we both have our love of podcasting in common.

The amazing Jessica Rhodes is sharing why she invented her podcast guest booking industry and how it has become such a successful and reputable agency using a personalised approach.

If you are just starting out listening to podcasts or are a novice poddie then this episode is going to be a game changer for you. Join the podcasting community and learn how to deliver your message and create some revenue.

In This Episode:

  •  Podcast Bookings
  •  Delivering Value
  •  Know Your Message 
  •  Community
  •  Pitching to Podcasts

“To have success with podcast interviews and guest appearances is being really clear about what your brand is and what your message is, that way when you actually appear on the podcast, you’re setting yourself up for success.” – Jessica

“What we have to start doing is look at where you actually want to build your audience, do you want to build people who are temporary or build those longer lasting relationships which impacts the platform that you choose to market on in the first place?“ – Jess

“So that’s why it’s super important to be consistent with your podcasting because listeners are not always going to be ready, you have to stay consistent, appear on multiple podcasts a month for months at a time so when they are ready, you are there waiting for them.“ – Jessica 

“I think podcasting is a great platform for selling premium products and services because you do develop a deeper relationship quickly. So when your people are listening to you they are more prepared to invest at a higher level.” – Jess

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