We would all like life to be full of fun things to do, market research isn’t at the top of my fun list but it’s definitely something I invest in on a regular basis.

As well as being able to understand what my audience needs are it helps me strengthen and care about the relationships I am building with them. So today we’re going to educate ourselves on learning how to sell what people really want.

In This Episode:

  • Market Research
  • Plan Effectively
  • Sales Strategy
  • Train Your Audience 
  • Ongoing Processes

“Market research is so important in your business, how you can do it in an interesting way and how it’s going to make you money, even in a dead zone.“

“Doing good market research regularly means that you know what your audience wants and that’s really, really important.   “

“Market research is dull as dishwater, it doesn’t get any more exciting. At no point has anybody ever conducted market research with jazz hands and confetti cannons and been like, this is the most thrilling thing that’s ever happened to me.“

“It’s going to define a lot of the decisions that you make in your business, for your own revenue and the importance of doing it is that it also defines how you feel about your audience.“

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