School’s Out For Summer!!! I hope you’re all getting as excited as I am, the weather’s ready, I’ve already got one festival tucked under my belt and I’m looking forward to some time off. So today we are going to work out how you can keep on selling throughout the summer without it having an impact on your holidays.

Get your schedule together, batch your content, prioritise and get organised, you can do all of these things in advance creating the same platform for your business to keep selling for you in your absence. 

In This Episode:

  • Maximize Summer Sales
  • Simple Sales Strategies
  • Get Organised
  • Lead By Example
  • Prioritise

“Summer can be an overwhelming time for everybody

and so I think it’s helpful to make sure that when we’re selling in summer, we’re doing it properly.“

“Go through your schedule, when can you be working and when can you absolutely 100% not be working? What are your boundaries for you?“

“It’s not going to impact my schedule for the rest of my summer, it’s going to benefit my audience to a maximum degree and it’s going to benefit the schedule that I have set for myself.“

“When you’re thinking about selling in the summer, especially if you are somebody who is a leader in your space, or wants to be a leader in your space, please also think about what you are teaching people, please think about the example you are setting.“

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