Fortunately for us all today’s guest just popped into my inbox one day and made me laugh with his unique approach. Osmaan is a mindset and performance coach for ex corporate small business owners. Passionate about helping people Osmaan teaches you to embrace your experience and talents and helps you to find your unique entrepreneurial superpower! 

An ex corporate himself, Osmaan uses peoples’ personalities to help make their lives easier and channels their boredom or energy in a way that it won’t affect their business.

In This Episode:

  •  Personality
  •  Dynamics
  •  Potential Pitfalls
  •  Strategies
  •  Wealth Dynamics

“I see so many people with the best intentions. They’ve got great skills, they’ve got great talents, but they’re making their life harder than it needs to be.” – Osmaan

“I think when we first start businesses, we kind of get two camps, people who are like, I want the laptop lifestyle, I’m going to work from the beach forever and then you get the people who want to be jet setters.“ – Jess

“I realized that we could drive ourselves crazy if we try to basically play a game that’s not aligned to our personality and our talents.“ – Osmaan

“It’s almost like we confuse sometimes our learning and development with what we then go ahead and sell and do.“ — Jess

“We really should be making the choices in terms, does that fit with me and what am I trying to do? Because that then allows us to take the responsibility which is where all the magic really happens.“ – Osmaan 

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