I am so grateful to Sharn for recording today’s podcast with me, her life has just been so inspirational. After her huge success in the Wedding Planning Business Sharn then set up APEC, the community where Asian Female Entrepreneurs can come together to talk about business, cultural changes and any other ‘taboo’ topics.

Now Sharn is on global mission to support, empower, and educate as many Asian female entrepreneurs as possible to smash down cultural blocks and live the lives they deserve. This is such an educational humbling episode.

In This Episode:

  •  Diversity
  •  Cultural Blocks
  •  Under represented
  •  Influences
  •  Inequality

“It became really apparent to me that women of color are really under represented.” – Sharn

“I know that there are certain situations and cultural changes, and lack of opportunities that women of color face that I have never faced, that makes me incredibly sad and angry.” – Jess

“Asian women struggle with visibility, I think every business owner struggles with visibility, whether you’re introvert or extrovert, but I think Asian women particularly struggle because they’re constantly thinking about what their family thinks.“ – Sharn

“You feel like you can’t necessarily contribute to certain parts of the discussion, because it’s not an experience you have.“ – Jess

“Share and like that content, cheer people on when they do write about diversity. Those kinds of topics can be really big and powerful, I think it gives anyone a confidence boost for sure.“ – Sharn

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