If there’s one consistency with life, it’s that it can be challenging and in today’s society we are all constantly juggling something especially around this time of year. So be mindful of yourself, be kind to yourself and learn how and when to take time out to rejuvenate.

As entrepreneurs we might think that we can’t take time out but, put the right tools in place, get the right support and you will be able to have the space you need whilst still being able to successfully run your business.

In This Episode:

  • Transparency
  • Challenging
  • Batching
  • Be Sensible 
  • Learning Outcomes

“When life is kicking you, how can you still function and still run your business, whilst actually giving yourself the space to do whatever it is you need to do.“

“It’s important to know what kind of support you want and need, and actually be open to receiving that.“

“There’s something else out there, that will be positive, and you need to look for that because it’s that positive thing or things that will keep you moving forward.“

“Because If you don’t, you’re always only going to be looking for the negative, you’re only going to be looking for the way that you can effectively sabotage the rest of your life.“

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