‘People matter’ – Brian teaches us why it is so important to invest valuable time into securing and building relationships with your people.

It sounds so simple but are any of us investing the time into showing people that we aren’t just out for ‘what we can get’ but want to genuinely help them reach and maintain their ideas and business.

In This Episode:

  •  ‘Your people’
  •  Relationships
  •  Influencers
  •  Investment 
  •  Clarity

“When we put people first profit inevitably comes but you have to start with your people.” – Brian

“We have so much connectivity now that actually we are we getting much lazier in our relationships, we feel like we don’t have to work as hard at them.“ – Jess

“If we’re authentic in our relationships, then the tools can be leveraged to get everything that we want, as long as we help other people get what they want.“ – Brian

“It’s about providing the right solution at the right time to the right person.“ – Jess

“The one thing that changes is the investment, the investment that you’re making in them and the investment that they’re making themselves.“ – Brian

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