It’s definitely a thought provoking episode today, one which I have spent hours thinking about and creating but also one which we all need to start taking action to change. The title says it all, the online coaching space has reached its maximum.

We are all responsible but there are always external factors to take into consideration. So let’s find out ways to market ethically, sell strongly, vote with your wallet and use your credibility and expertise to sell to those of value.

In This Episode:

  •  Facebook Groups
  •  Take Action
  •  Coaching Experiences
  •  External Factors
  •  Lack of Integrity 

“ So you had this influx of actually really incredible people choosing to make their money in a more convenient way, but equally bringing a lot of value to the market. ” 

“ You start to wonder if I have fewer morals, would I make more money? “

“ Popularity apparently does not equal credibility in the majority of cases. “

“ If you don’t like what is happening in the industry stop contributing to it. “

“ Stop contributing to the crap. And actually think about your credibility and expertise and is it best used on selling to the entrepreneurial market? Sell it somewhere else, there will always be somebody out there who will really value you for what you have to offer. “

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