Amy Woods is a self confessed ‘content superhero’ and, if you didn’t realise you needed someone like her in your life, after listening to today’s episode you’ll be asking yourself how you have actually managed so far without using her services!

Amy and her small but specialised team will repurpose your content using different formats and delivering it to many platforms to improve your media visibility. #No superhero pants required!

In This Episode:

  •  Repurpose Content
  •  Outsource
  •  Formats and Platforms
  •  Uniqueness
  •  Marketing Strategy

“ I was always that kind of person who aspired to be a business owner and entrepreneur, but just carried on doing what I was doing. ” – Amy

“ It’s surprising now, how many people take what they’ve learned from their corporate careers and put it into their own business and just have more faith in themselves.” – Jess

“ I’m just trying to bring back what used to work so effectively, in corporate, but in a smaller scale, and something nice and agile and suitable to the culture of my team. “ – Amy

“We’re coming to a point in the online business space where the economy is challenging and, instead of looking for new things all the time it’s a really good idea to find what has really worked and take it forward. “ – Jess

“ Create content that is linked to the right kind of conversions that leads the right kind of sales that grow your business. It’s a strategic and it’s about getting the right attention in the right places. “ – Amy

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