Are you boring your clients to death with your marketing? Allie Lefevere, CEO, mother – founder and funmaker at Obedient is here to stop that stagnation. Using unique off – beat marketing and branding, the emphasis is on fun and launching your brands into industry icons!

Stand out from your competitors and be unforgettable for the right reasons.


In This Episode:

  • Branding Personality
  • Entertain and educate your clients
  • Experience the fun
  • Elements to consider
  • The feel good factor 

“ We have been living to prove that fun sells humorous, humanizing, and you can just make people feel good and still make a sale. ” – Allie

“ We forget how to challenge the status quo because we are so used to seeing the same thing over and over again. “ – Jess

“ You can infuse relatable personality into those industries and those domains and it really will touch and reach an audience in a way that is unexpected, because people just aren’t used to it, it’s not familiar and so it really does stand out. “ – Allie

“ It puts people into that cycle of, there is a way to escape this, I might not have to feel like this ever. So actually, it’s a much smarter loop to be putting them into. “ – Jess

“ It’s just the same way you would want to be around the fun, nice, engaging person that you meet at a party, that’s the person you want to spend the most time with. “ – Allie

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