I’m not being maudlin even though I am going to turn thirty in like a month or so but have you ever reached that stage when life just gets messy? It could be the push you need to step up in your business and make some bold moves moving forward.

Be confident, be courageous and be bold in your business and also with yourself. 

In This Episode:

  •  Know who you are
  •  Learn how to set boundaries
  •  Acceptable Behaviour
  •  Prioritize Self Care 
  •  Take those filters off!

“ It’s also allowed me to step up massively in certain areas,and embrace certain bold leadership techniques that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. ”

“ There’s nothing wrong with being nice, right? There’s nothing wrong with being a good person, but you have to look at what is impacting. “ 

“ One of the things I’ve always had in my programs is boundary documents, one of the key rules in those documents is always do not be a dick. Because I think that life is much better when you are not. “

“ So if you can remove that filter for yourself this year, I would highly recommend doing it because it’s a painful process, but actually it’s a big weight off your shoulders and it gets results. “

“We are overly tolerant, because that’s what we believe compassion is. ” – Danielle Laporte

White Hot Truth

Tara Newman

Podcast Episode SLS195 

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