How exciting is this, here we are in crazy pants September, a time for waking up after a long hot summer so Poddies, bin the Pimms and get set for your busiest period yet to make Q4 more successful than ever before!

Plan for the month wisely, don’t try to cram everything in all at once, check into my 5 steps to 5K challenge to see how you can get back the revenue from the summer. Get your plans into place, set your goals and get back on track!

In This Episode:

  •  Sales Activities
  •  Generate Revenue
  •  Average Transaction Value
  •  Execute the Strategy 
  •  Capacity and Scheduling

“ Revenue wise, it’s a really good time to get yourself back on track to recruit some lost revenue and to actually start planning for one of the most profitable business seasons of the year, which is q4. ”

“ There are things I would have loved to have achieved I haven’t because I haven’t put the time or effort or energy into making them happen. “ 

“ So often we forget the basics in terms of making money, we forget to set the goal, we forget to actually create a plan that is going to genuinely be beneficial. “

“ Just make the first activity just the first activity of every day a sales activity and it really will help you get better results much quicker. “

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