We all want to create a life we love and be able to pay the bills at the same time. Marianne Cantwell, creator of the “free-range human” is helping people “escape the cage” and live life on their terms. 

Marianne is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and founder of Free Range Humans. She proves herself that you don’t have to be the same as everyone else, you don’t have to shoehorn yourself all the time. She talks candidly about burnout and identity showing us that you can be who you are making yourself and those around you much happier and still get the results you want.

In This Episode:

  •  Online Marketer
  •  Be efficient and stop wasting time
  •  Get better results by being more effective  
  •  Prioritise life to avoid burnout
  •  Know what formulas to use for success

“You can’t be efficient at something you’re not effective at, you’re just doing it faster and automating something you’re not getting results with.” – Marianne

“What I loved when I was reading through your website was that you were somebody who just seems totally okay with being different.“ – Jess

“One rule I set for myself is, every product that I put out has to be something I genuinely believe is the best at what it does and why at what it does.“ – Marianne

“It doesn’t work anymore, suddenly they can’t make the ads work. The question that I’m always asking is, what did you do that worked and are you still doing it? And the answer is always No.“ – Jess

“We hear this all the time about working out how to use your weaknesses and your differences to your advantage.“ – Marianne

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