Do you feel like you get to a certain revenue level… and then you just can’t get past it?

Perhaps you find it easy to make 1K/5K/10K per month… but you just can’t make any more no matter how hard you try. Well good news! This episode is going to help you identify exactly what stops you making more money and help you to put a plan in place to break through that revenue plateau for good!

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In this episode we’ll be looking at:

  • Whether or not your standards have anything to do with your revenue plateau
  • The practical steps you can take to comfortably predict your revenue
  • The numbers you really need to know to have a revenue breakthrough!


“ We are in an economic climate where it’s really good for everybody to take control, to be in control of your own ability to generate revenue, and also to contribute to the global economy ”

“ What I realised was that once globally, women are starting to contribute a larger amount of new businesses and more women every year were setting up businesses than ever before, which is awesome. “

“ From a mindset perspective, you know, it’s a confidence thing is it that they don’t really believe that they can do it, so they’re self sabotaging ” 

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