So I had a great time recording with fellow pooch lover, J Nichole Smith for obvious reasons of course, one of which is snoozing away quite happily!

Nic is now a marketing consultant, artist and author who helps entrepreneurs build brands that matter. Nic can identify with those of us who have been broke, over-worked and under-appreciated making her more empathetic to helping to find that ‘Big Why’ and how to align your human stuff with your business stuff to get BOTH a more successful business AND more freedom and fulfilment in your life… all with more ease and less overwhelm.

In this episode we are looking at:

  • Connecting Marketing to something you really care about 
  • Discover your passion and make it sell for you
  • Building your brand based on connections 


“ I want you to have a successful business, but if it blows up your life, what is the point if you lose all your relationships and your health ” – Nic

“ Are we so hyper connected, that we’re actually disconnected from other people audibly? “ – Jess

“ My superpower is helping people find their why and help them decide if it’s a viable business opportunity “ – Nic

“ We’re removing the human elements of our business and in embracing technology, we’ve always discounted the fact that we need that social interaction to survive “ – Jess

“ You’re selling a mission, you’re selling values, you’re selling a shared enemy or a shared purpose. You’re you’re connecting with humanity and other people and that is why they buy from you “ – Nic

J Nichole Smith


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