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When selling programmes it’s far too easy to include too much information which could end up potentially confusing your customers therefore they can’t achieve the results they want. So today I’m sharing with you my method which is solving one big problem using one solution in order that your customer gets the best results in the quickest time.

In this episode we are looking at:

  •  Streamlining your sales processes
  •  Stop over complicating your offers and content
  •  Don’t lose your focus or lose touch on where you are   going 


“ If we’re always focusing on tangents, or if we’re always spinning into other areas, we kind of lose that focus that is so important. ” 

“ Journeys don’t mean solving one step and necessarily being finished or done forever. “

“ We’re trying to solve Too many problems and so as a result, our sales pages are becoming diluted, then our sales message is diluted because we’re trying to say that we’re solving lots and lots of different problems. “

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