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‘Page one – You start at page one,’ it was this single sentence which started the journey for Heather Dominick in creating Business Miracles, where she mentors highly sensitive entrepreneurs and helps them to understand not only themselves but how to be rewarded in their own business and create solid, sustainable high level financial success.

It’s a really interesting and insightful topic about who we actually are. We are so intent on bombarding through life and being cut throat in business that we just don’t realise or notice some people just aren’t made that way and aren’t built to work that way either. Heather is highly spiritual and, as a result her community enter into a safe process of being able to know their true self through healing their past.

There’s also a great assessment you can take to find out if you are a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur: https://businessmiracles.com/freetool/hse-quiz.html

In today’s episode we are looking at:

  • Learning to understand what it means being a highly sensitive person  
  • The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur cycle, awareness, recognition and coping 
  • How to support yourself and your business rather than it work against you 



“ Literally everything in the world is different to someone who is highly sensitive. “ – Heather

“ It’s about using your skills to develop your own non cookie cutter way of doing it, and using your unique strengths to position yourself at the top of your market. ” – Jess

“ You’re doing it differently and that doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong and that is so much again of the process to unpack. “ – Heather

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