Have you ever wondered what makes some online businesses the ‘ones’ to work with? 

I’ve brought Jen Hall back onto the podcast this week to talk about what you can be doing as an online business owner to stand out in the market, make yourself the unrivalled expert – and the only business that your potential customer wants to buy from.

In this episode, we’ll be covering;

  • What you can do to become an unrivalled market leader even if you’re in a super saturated industry.
  • How your USP isn’t enough… and what you really need to do in order to stand out.
  • The importance of productising your USP… or ‘unique magic bullet’.

“Small business doesn’t mean small income or small impact. I think there are so many businesses like that at the moment that are kind of stuck at a certain level, and can’t always break through” 

“The first place that you need to get recognised is with your clients in order to make it as a market leader“ 

“You’re only going to get real true believers with people who are willing to part with cash to pay for what you’re offering, because they value it”

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