Are there certain tasks or milestones that you feel you ‘need’ to do in your business? But perhaps you’re not sure when to write that bestselling book/ start your podcast or even create a new service.

As we head into 2020, I’m making sure you’ve got all the plans you need – and that you’re able to assess when the best time for YOU to create and finish that next big project is – so that you can focus on having the most profitable and productive business in the new year!

In this episode, I’ll be sharing;

– What the main ‘big business milestones’ are – and how to know if they’re a good fit for your business.

– The key questions you want to ask yourself about your new project to define how quickly it needs to happen.

– Immediate profit vs long term game – and what you need to focus on to win the game of business in 2020.

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