So we’re cruising through January and ramping up all those sales activities but is asking for money becoming difficult for you?

Do you feel that asking for payment makes you feel too needy, are you unsure that you are giving the right quote or do you just not have the confidence that you are worth the amount you are asking for?

In this episode I am sharing the basics on how to get your cash:

  • How to get in the right mindset and be more confident when discussing money with potential clients or sending out quotes
  • Arrange a clear payment process for asking and chasing up payments
  • Learn to structure your sales call enabling the client to be comfortable with the right investment level for them


“ We’ve all been there, everybody who’s sold something has worried about paying the price or has worried about asking for the money. “

“ When people invest in themselves the actual moment of the process where they know that they are invested is when they make payment.”


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