If you are confident and know what type of personality you are then I’m here to show you how you can use it to your best advantage, helping you make more sales to become more profitable.

In this episode I am sharing with you the three main personality types and which sales methods work best with them.

  • So if you love being on social media, are reactive and enjoy sharing motivational posts then you may have an aspirational personality – it doesn’t mean you like to be in the limelight, it merely demonstrates that if you do the work you will get the results!
  • Can you relate to peoples’ traumas and difficulties in life, would you say you are introverted? If you like to build genuine relationships with people then you may have an emotional personality type, sensitive and caring.
  • FOMO – Fear of missing out! Are you passionate, enjoy the adrenaline and excitement of getting a sale but don’t necessarily enjoy the boring munitia that goes into the delivery, creation and content? 


“ At the 2019 converting corporate event, one of the biggest things that our hiring manager panel said was that they valued humanity and personality, over 80% of other sales traits “

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